A Passion for Technology
Pragadeshwara raja Chinnappan, Eller MBA ’15

By Liz Warren-Pederson

Prag raja Chinnappan grew up in Coimbatore, a predominantly agrarian town in southern India. “Right from my earliest days, I had a great passion for technology and computers,” he said.

While he was still in school, he wrote some programs for small local clients, and those experiences led him to engineering. “I did my undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering and joined Tata Consultancy Services as an IT programmer,” he said.

During his seven years with Tata, Chinnappan worked with Fortune 500 clients in manufacturing, insurance, and the banking industry. “During my last three years, I worked as client coordinator for JP Morgan and managed an international team that worked in Europe and Asia,” he said.

While the experience gave him great exposure to business, he wanted to move into a management role where he could engage closely with customers. Chinnappan set his sights on an MBA.

“I was looking at colleges where I could not only learn the theoretical aspects of management, but also have a chance to engage with faculty and enhance my consulting experience,” he said. “Eller was the top choice for me from day one, especially since the College’s information systems department is one of the top-ranked programs in U.S. The small cohort would also give me great opportunities to reach out to the faculty.”

The Eller MBA focus on real-world consulting projects was another draw.  “Working with industry leaders and students from various backgrounds will help me to expand my professional network,” he said. To further that experience, Chinnappan joined the Consulting Club and the international students’ association.

He is actively looking for a summer internship in an IT-related role and also plans to complete some professional certifications this summer.

“After my MBA, I’m planning to get into technology consulting and gather managerial experience and expand my professional network,” he said. “I always aspire to share my knowledge and experience with my team members and help them to grow up in the careers.”

Top image courtesy of Prag raja Chinnappan.

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